Art is smart and digital

Last weekend I visited at ARTarea digital installation of painters Hieronymus Bosch, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí . Spend hours and it was amazing. All paints is alive and with music compositional.

Video was project onto the walls of the expo walls.

Some videos in read more

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Backup Telegram public chat messages with NodeJS and TDLib

Some channels and public chats change owners or hacked. But history messages are very cool. This information is important and useful for.
So I got information about changes in one public Telegram chat and decide make backup with NodeJS.

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Add toggle to VueJS SPA with Bulma

When staring new Vue project and create navigation often have problems with navigation configuration for cross device.

This year I prefer to use Bulma CSS framework in frontend projects.

For example this code. Demo you can see — here.

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