Tag: vue

  • Bio rythm page updates

    Refactor page bio. Make SPA with VueJS from vanilla JS Also use awasome Bulma CSS framwork. Future upgrades: Refactor chart to canvas Source code – Github

  • Add toggle to VueJS SPA with Bulma

    When staring new Vue project and create navigation often have problems with navigation configuration for cross device. This year I prefer to use Bulma CSS framework in frontend projects. For example this code. Demo you can see — here.

  • Refactor “Bulls and Cows game”

    Refactor “Bulls and Cows game”

    Refactor “Bulls and Cows” game with VueJS – visit . Source code – GithubOld version with PHP + JQuery (2012) – visitReact SPA – visit. Source code – Github and Bitbucket

  • Neural network JS libraries comparison

    Nowadays machine learning and neural networks are everywhere. This year some tasks were near these problems of computer science. I decide to make comparison several JavaScript libraries with neural networks.

  • How to add custom icon vue-awesome

    To show vector icon in the vue component is nice library – vue-awesomeIn the brand category is a lot of images. But for example we need to add – Vivaldi browser icon but it doesn’t exist.Read above how to add this icon