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  • Generating GPG Keys for GitHub on Fedora 39 Using GnuPG2

    Generating GPG Keys for GitHub on Fedora 39 Using GnuPG2

    Learn how to securely sign your GitHub commits using GnuPG2 on Fedora 39. Follow our step-by-step guide to generate GPG keys and enhance the security of your open-source contributions. In the world of open-source collaboration, securing your GitHub commits is paramount. Fedora 39, a robust and developer-friendly Linux distribution, supports the generation of GPG keys…

  • Install LLaMA (Lingual Language Mapper) on Fedora

    LLaMA (Lingual Language Mapper) is an open-source software used for language detection and mapping. It is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes, including data analytics, sentiment analysis, and machine learning. If you are looking to set up LLaMA on Fedora, this article will guide you through the process. Before you begin,…

  • Bio rythm page updates

    Refactor page bio. Make SPA with VueJS from vanilla JS Also use awasome Bulma CSS framwork. Future upgrades: Refactor chart to canvas Source code – Github

  • Neural network JS libraries comparison

    Nowadays machine learning and neural networks are everywhere. This year some tasks were near these problems of computer science. I decide to make comparison several JavaScript libraries with neural networks.

  • Forecast COVID-19 with Python script

    Finished script for forecast COVID-19 previous data. About this script in this – post