Open jnlp file on Fedora

How to open an jnlp file on Fedora

I have on laptop Fedora 30 (x64)
For an online service connect need to start – specific start.jnlp file.

Google help me find information – what my system need JDK
Next step install java on my Fedora 30, because it not installed yet.

By this instruction done JDK installation.

Run system upgrade

sudo dnf update

Try to run start.jnlp

javaws start.jnlp

Got terrible error

javaws: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Ok. Let’s install libnsl package

sudo dnf install libnsl

And next try.
Voila it works.





4 responses to “Open jnlp file on Fedora”

  1. D Avatar

    Thanks, it works!

    1. Vladimir Poplavskij Avatar
      Vladimir Poplavskij


  2. Lukas Avatar

    Guys, this doesn’t working for me on RHEL8.4.
    I have installed libnsl, libnsl2 and also ncurses-compat-libs, but still the same error.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Vladimir Poplavskij Avatar
      Vladimir Poplavskij

      Hello, Lukas!
      Maybe problem with Java version? Which version do You have on the RHEL8.4 ?

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