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  • Art is smart and digital

    Art is smart and digital

    Last weekend I visited at ARTarea digital installation of painters Hieronymus Bosch, Pablo Picasso and Salvador DalĂ­ . Spend hours and it was amazing. All paints is alive and with music compositional. Video was project onto the walls of the expo walls. Some videos in read more

  • Join to calculate the design of COVID-19

    Help to fight COVID when working remotely and have computer-free resources Join to Rosseta@home , signup , install and start tasks If You have a problem installing or running it – write me I am ready to help #StayAtHome #FightCOVID19

  • Christmas holiday

    Christmas holiday

    I like to back to hometown for holiday.Meet my family and prepare for holiday.

  • Xmas trees

    Christmas trees at homes

  • 2016 Christmas present`s

    2016 Christmas present`s

    Now I have geek head earbuds presented by my brother.