Add profiles for Chromium browser with custom time zones

If you need check user time zones in the front end you can run different Chromium profiles with TZ parameter

TZ='America/Los_Angeles' chromium "--user-data-dir=$HOME/chrome-profile"

TZ='Asia/Tbilisi' chromium "--user-data-dir=$HOME/chrome-profile2"

TZ='Europe/London' chromium "--user-data-dir=$HOME/chrome-profile3"

TZ='Europe/Kiev' chromium "--user-data-dir=$HOME/chrome-profile4"


Back to boilerplate website

After remove Yandex search from from index back boilerplate website version.

Second bad thing is large bandwitch on first load – about 1.5 Mb. It to large for simple 5 page site.

Fix side menus for mobile browsers.

So ended experiments with personal website builded with React.